20 Questions With … @farming_in_a_wifely_manor

20 Questions With … @farming_in_a_wifely_manor

Our friendly fox Bertie had a catch up with our friend and Brand Rep, Kim, known to many on Instagram as farming_in_a_wifely_manor.

Read on to find out more about this lovely lady and follow her over on Instagram for farmyard fun, tasty bakes and for super-cute pictures of her little cubs.

1.Introduce yourself

My name is Kim, known as farming_in_a_wifely_manor on Instagram and a long standing Brand Rep for Cotswold Baby Co. We run a family farm of 600 acres in Dorset farming arable (crops) and sheep.

2. How many little cubs do you have?

I have 2 boys, (3 if you count my husband)! George is 3 and baby Jack is 11 weeks.

3. Where do you live?

We live in Dorset but both come from Somerset.

4. Town or country?

Country! Of course 🙂

5. Early riser or night owl?

I’m a night owl…but my kids aren’t, so I really need to learn to go to bed earlier! 🤦‍♀️

6. Coffee or Tea?

Tea! I love the malty biscuit yorkshire tea.

7. Tell us about your pets …
We have 10 hens … and now 5 bantam chicks that we hatched.
1 pig that George hand reared from 2 weeks old called Dora
1 farm collie (also called Jack)
1 horse and 1 shetland pony.

We also have a grass livery horse here and just over 300 sheep.

8. Favourite tipple?

It used to be cider but now I love a flavoured Gin!

9. What’s your favourite season?

Spring! I love lambing time and all the excitement spring brings.

10. Facebook or Instagram?


11. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

I don’t have Netflix! I don’t actually watch much telly. Most of our evenings I’m usually doing jobs or tidying up!

12. Who’s your secret crush?

Secret crush….blimey. um. I always fancied Patrick Swayze!

13. Occupation?

I’m a qualified Veterinary Nurse and also have a certificate in exotic species. But I left that to work on the farm. So by definition a Farmers Wife!

14. Any hobbies?

Riding is my hobby.

15. What’s your favourite food?

Pizza! Or a roast

16. Favourite place to go on hols?

I don’t usually go back to a place. But I loved Kenya. Anything with culture and things to do!

17. What did you miss most during lockdown?

I missed being social and seeing friends and family. Although we are quite used to big gaps of not seeing them during harvest and lambing.

18. What did you enjoy most about lockdown?

I actually enjoyed the first part of lockdown. I was heavily pregnant and enjoyed being on the farm in our own bubble and just taking a break from the world. I enjoyed quality time with George and appreciating the little things in life. 😊

19. What should you be doing now?

Ha ha! Going to bed…!

20. What’s the best bit about being a Cotswold Baby Co. Brand Rep?
I love being part of the Cotswold Baby Co. brand rep team and hope Jack will fill George’s place as he gets older. I love supporting small businesses and ones that I truly love. I love all the Cotswold Baby Co. clothes because they are mostly unisex and farm themed! They fit with our lives perfectly and are great quality!

Thanks so much Kim! Kim is doing #takeovertuesday over on our Instagram account today … have a look and see what adventures they get up to :).

Bertie xx


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