20 Questions with … @mrs.e.toogood

20 Questions with … @mrs.e.toogood

Our friendly fox Bertie had a catch up this week with our friend and Brand Rep, Ellice, known on Instagram as @mrs.e.toogood.

Ellice lives in Wiltshire with her husband and two adorable little cubs, along with their horses and dogs.

Read on to find out more about this lovely lady, and follow Ellice over on Instagram for adorable pictures of family life in the country and @wiltshire.house.build for their renovation project!

1) Introduce yourself 

Hello! I’m Ellice, 28 years old.

2) How many little cubs do you have? 

We have 2 little cubs! Theodore who is 3 and feral!! And George who is 6 months old 😍

3) Where abouts do you live? 

We live just outside of a little village in Wiltshire. We bought the farm back in 2017 when Theo was a baby, and have just replaced the original house with a new build which we finished a year ago! Still have the garden landscaping and yard to sort out… it’s a long term project!! It was a bit neglected when we got it!! 

4) Town or country?

Country all day long! I get claustrophobic in towns and cities! 😰

5) Early mornings or night owl? 

Early mornings… I’m usually asleep by 9pm!! 😴

6) Coffee or Tea?

Tea!! No sugar!

7) Any pets?
We have 2 Dogs- English Pointers both Black & White. 
Dottie is 10 And Drifter is 7! Both have the same Mum and Dad but the litters are from different years which is so nice. They look identical but both completely different personalities!! 
Dottie is the guard dog! She will let you know if someone is walking past, Drifter wouldn’t hurt a fly! Although, in the past month Drifter has managed to catch 2 mice!! 🤣 He spends hours and hours in the field pointing at them though!! 
A couple of horses, Harvey & Ziggy. Although we are also on the search for a Shetland to join our family

8) Favourite tipple

Prosecco kind of girl!

9) Favourite season

I love the Spring! So lovely when the days start getting warmer and longer evenings! Plus less mud!!

10) Facebook or Insta?

Recently I’ve got more in to Insta. It’s great for following and finding new people & businesses. And wonderful for inspiration – I use it a lot for house & garden inspiration! Facebook has been a great tool for advertising the businesses. 

11) What are you currently watching on Netflix?

We are probably the only people to not have Netflix! 🤣 Our internet is extremely slow so we are a bit limited on catch up and recording but I’m quite enjoying “This Farming Life” on BBC2. 

12) Secret crush 

A difficult one!! I think it will have to be Paul Mescal the Irish actor who played Connell in Normal People.

13) Occupation

Pretty much a stay at home Mum to Theo & George, although I get involved with our horsebox business – we are the official dealership for Wiltshire & South West for Equi-Trek. 

14) Any hobbies?

Horses are my main hobby. Before Theo was born I was a very keen eventer! Since Theo has been around I have got more into dressage.
I don’t do as much as I’d like as there is limited time with 2 small boys! 
I also love cake making & decorating- considering starting this as a business! 
Over lockdown I got in to sewing.
I have had a sewing machine for a few years but hadn’t ever got it out of the box!! 😂

15) Favourite food

Pizza!! Plain and simple Margarita.
And cake! 

16) Favourite place to go on hols

Anywhere with a sandy beach! 
Before we had babies we enjoyed a few holidays to the Caribbean, and spent a couple of weeks in Australia- although this was a business trip! 🙄 both of which I highly recommend!! 
Last year when I was pregnant with George we had a family holiday to Fuetuventura which was lovely and very child friendly! 
But you can’t beat a good holiday down to Cornwall – I absolutely love Perranporth and used to go there every year when I was little. 

17) What did you miss most during lockdown?  

We really missed Theo’s toddler groups, music class & swimming. Then not being able to take George to meet any friends or family as he was born a week before lockdown! 

18) What did you like most about lockdown?

Even though it was hard sometimes I enjoyed having Theo home everyday as before lockdown he spent 2 mornings a week at Pre-School. 
Also, the roads being quiet was lovely! 

19) What should you be doing right now?

Currently just feeding George as I write this! But probably should be outside as the grass needs mowing (that’s my new hobby at the moment too!! as we have new grass! 🤣)  and Theo wants to go on his new moto x bike so I probably should be helping with that!! 

20) Best bit about being a Cotswold Baby Co Brand Rep
We love being a Brand Rep because the clothes are absolutely beautiful and fantastic quality! There aren’t many places you can get farm & animal themed clothes & accessories and I really struggle with finding boys clothing elsewhere!! Theo loves to choose what he wants to order next! 
It’s also so lovely to be part of a community with like minded people & their little cubs!  
We love sharing our discount code LITTLECUB-TOOGOOD for friends to get 10% discount. 





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