6 Fun Autumn Activities that Toddlers and Kids will Love

Autumn_Hand_Print_Tree_6 Fun Autumn Activities that Toddlers and Kids will Love_Cotswold_Baby_Co

Toddlers and kids will love these 6 autumnal activities that are great fun, quick and easy! The main ingredient required are beautiful leaves, which can be be found a-plenty at this time of the year when out on #littlecub adventures in parks, woodlands and on walks. We love the colours of autumn, and these fun autumn activities are a great way to explore them with your #littlecub, while having fun and making some lovely crafts too!

We hope you enjoy them and Bertie would love to see your Autumn inspired crafts, remember to tag us in your crafty pics @cotswoldbabyco šŸ¦Š

  1. Autumn Hand Print Tree

This lovely Autumn activity by arty crafty kids is a great way to explore the changing season with your little cubs and is an activity that can be enjoyed by toddlers and pre-schoolers alike. Discuss why the leaves are changing colour, what happens to the leaves in Autumn and you can also chat about the different colours on the trees too. We love that the tree trunk is made of your little one’s hand print, what a cute keepsake!

(Ps, when we trialled this activity for Bertie Fox, our #littlecubs ended up mixing all the colours so we had a nice brown mud-coloured tree šŸ¤£)

2. Leaf Hedgehog

Autumn_Leaf_Hedgehog_6 Fun Autumn Activities that Toddlers and Kids will Love _Cotswold_Baby_Co

We love how quick, easy and fun this Leaf Hedgehog craft by KrokotakĀ is. Simply collect some fallen leaves while out on a #littlecub adventure and have fun seeing how many different types of leaves you can find. Do you know the names of the trees they belong too? When the leaves are dry, with a grown-up’s help cut out a hedgehog template, then use glue to stick your beautiful leaves to your hedgehog!

3. Autumn Leaf Prints

Leaf_Printing_6 Fun Autumn Activities that Toddlers and Kids will Love _Cotswold baby_Co

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers will love this fun Autumn activity by Mother and Baby. As soon as the leaves start falling, collect lots of leaves as they are the perfect craft utensils, and they’re free! Your #littlecub will have lots of fun painting one side of the leaf, then simply press it onto a blank piece of paper to make pretty autumnal prints.

4. Handprint Acorns

Handprint_Acorns_6 Fun Autumn Activities that Toddlers and Kids will Love _Cotswold_Baby_Co

Bertie’s best friend, Woody Acorn thinks this Autumnal activity by Crafty MorningĀ is tree-mendous! All you need to create your own little acorn is some paint, some plain paper and a little hand that’s willing to be painted! Let your little one have fun paintingĀ their hand, then stamp it on a piece of paper twice. Take the paintbrush and make the acorn’s brown top. Simple and adorable!

5. Autumn Sensory Play

Autumn_Sensory_Play_6 Fun Autumn Activities that Toddlers and Kids will Love _Cotswold_Baby_Co

Our lovely Autumn Sensory Play Bin, inspired by MB Learning ClubĀ is a fun way to introduce babies and toddlers to Autumn and the changing season. Set up is simple and mess free, simply place lots of Autumnal items on a tuft-tray or into a bowl, along with some utensils to encourage exploring and motor skills. Then let your #littlecub explore the contents and see where the play takes you!

This sensory play used dried leaves, pine cones, toy pumpkins and wooden seasonal fruit and veg. You can use any Autumnal items you feel are safe for your little one to explore.

6. Autumn Leaf Wreath

Autumn_Leaf_Wreath_6 Fun Autumn Activities that Toddlers and Kids will Love _Cotswold_Baby_Co

This gorgeous Autumnal craft by Crafts for All Seasons is so easy and fun to make! While out on a walk, ask your #littlecub to collect leaves – as many different colours and shapes as they can find. You can make your ‘wreath’ by cutting out the inner circle of a paper plate, then if necessary help your little one to spread the glue onto the leaves. Then let the sticking commence! Finish off your wreath with some pretty ribbon or string.


If you love Autumn as much as us, then make sure you take a look at Bertie’s fabulous Autumn Collection here, full of clothes, gifts, toys and accessories that are perfect for little explorers! With lots of farm and country inspired goodies, we’re sure you will find something cute to treat your little cub to!


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