6 Fun Mini-Beast Crafts to do with Kids

6 Easy Mini-Beast Crafts to do with Kids

Bertie Fox LOVES learning about nature and the great outdoors, and especially learning about mini-beasts! He’s put together his favourite Mini-Beast crafts, to inspire curious little cubs’ love of nature and the great outdoors. With buzzy bees, cute caterpillars and paint splat snails to choose from, have fun learning about these wonderful mini-beasts while making nature-inspired crafts.

Suitable for kids of all ages, get everyone involved in making these interesting insects, and remember to tag us (@cotswoldbabyco) in your wonderful creations so we can share your wonderful mini-beasts!

1) Paper Plate Bee Craft

Paper Plate Bee Craft for Toddlers by Non Toy Gifts | Cotswold Baby Co

Little Bee Lovers will love getting involved with this fun craft by Non Toy Gifts. Our little cubs loved using the cotton wool to make the stripes on the bumble bee. Why not hang them up for some fantastic flying mini-beasts?

2) Ladybird Apple Stamping

Lady Bird Apple Stamping by Box of Ideas mini-beast craft for kids

The wonderful ladybird is a favourite find on a Mini-Beast hunt! Ladybirds come in many different colours and patterns, but the most familiar here in the UK is the seven-spot ladybird, which has a red-and-black body. This fun activity from Box of Ideas is easy to set up, and pre-schoolers will have fun practicing their numbers by putting different numbers of spots on the ladybird!

3) The Hungry Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft

The Hungry Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft by Glued to my Crafts, Cotswold Baby Co

Little Mini Beast fans will love making this colourful caterpillar craft by Glued to my Crafts, inspired by one of our favourite books, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. This classic Eric Carle book is so great for learning about the Caterpillar’s life cycle – why not use your paper plate caterpillar as an accessory to the book? Little nature lovers will love using the caterpillar as its eats its way through the book!

4) Plate Splat Snails

A snail is not the speediest of mini-beasts, but this Plate Splat Snail Craft by Glued to my Crafts is super-fast and great fun for little nature lovers! Be warned, it is on the messy side so with warmer weather on the way it may be a good activity to do outside!

5) Potato Masher Bee Craft

Potato Masher bee Craft for Toddlers by Happy Toddler Playtime, Cotswold Baby Co

Toddlers will enjoy making cute buzzy bees in this fun bee craft by Happy Toddler Playtime. Use a potato masher for the body, and change the colour to make other insects and bugs. Our favourites are ladybirds, spiders and beetles!

6) Butterfly Nature Craft

This lovely butterfly craft from Crafts on Sea can be done anywhere where there’s green space, from your garden to local park! You can download the butterfly template here, or draw one if you’re more arty. Have fun with your little one finding nature’s seasonal picks, making sure that little people know what’s safe to pick and what to leave alone. We loved using dandelions as a natural crayon, we had great fun seeing the butterfly turn yellow!

We hope you have lots of fun making your interesting insects and mini-beasts. And if your #littlecub loves nature, then take a look at our Mini-Beast and Bugs Collection, perfect for nature loving cubs!

Have fun! Love from Bertie 🦊


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