Back to work – the end of Maternity Leave

Back to work – the end of Maternity Leave

One blink and it was gone. My maternity leave came to an end far too quickly. A year ago, a year of maternity leave felt like such a long time. But now it feels like a few moments ago. I’m staggered how quickly the time has vanished. In some ways so little has happened but in every other way so much did. I don’t just mean the washing up and sterilising and nappies and good mushing. We’ve grown an amazing little boy from the baby that arrived with no instruction manual!


Bringing up baby is just one milestone after the other. Work and nursery is yet another, this time for the whole family! Us as working parents and for the little man, independence and adventures without us.

I didn’t dwell on what the end of maternity leave might feel like until I got to the end of maternity leave, when I opened my laptop and started typing. I’ve been so focussed on the practicalities of how we balance ourselves, family life and work that I hadn’t had time. 


Getting all the logistical things done took all the time… Nursery run planning… Buying all the things he needs for nursery (hello Primarni and Matalan my new friends)… Getting him his first shoes so that he can cruise around outside… Diary planning for work trips… Buying new clothes for me for work… Planning out weekends to make the most of them… Lining up grandparents to help with childcare… The list goes on and on and has prevented me thinking too much about the fact that someone else is going to be looking after my boy for 40 hours (4 days) each week.

But writing this blog did make me think about it!

I had the best 12 months of my life on maternity leave. The toughest a few times yes. But almost always the best of times. When you want something for so long the tough times are insignificant.