Bertie Fox Loves … Baby Leggings!

toddlers wearing fox leggings from cotswold baby co

Bertie Fox loves the bright colours of our leggings and with many options to choose from at Cotswold Baby Co, we’re sure you will find a pair to fall in love with too!

Here are Bertie’s top 10 reasons to love baby leggings:

1. Comfortable to wear

Leggings are so comfortable for our little people to wear – from newbies to crawlers to    three-nagers! The little bit of added spandex makes them super stretchy and comfy around little tummies too! Our only question is when will they be available in roughly a size 12?!

2.  Anything cuter?

Is there anything cuter than a little bottom in a pair of our fun leggings? We adore the cute pictures you send us of your little cubs wearing our leggings and they really do rock them well!

3. Unisex

As a Mum, it’s so nice to buy clothes that aren’t gender specific. The main design focus is the bright colours and fun motifs on the bottoms!

Little girls wearing Tractor leggings - Cotswold Baby Co

4.  Easy change of clothes

Our little cubs are forever getting muddy at nursery, or covered in paint after looking as if they used their legs as paint-brushes! It’s so easy to pop a pair of leggings in nursery bags as a spare change of clothes – they roll up really small and go with pretty much everything! Plus as Steph loves Honey writes in her recent review of our Fantastic Fox leggings, they wash really well so it doesn’t matter what they get covered in!

5.  Great for travelling

We all know how confined those changing areas are on aeroplanes and our easy on leggings make changing so much easier! Plus being super stretchy, our leggings make a comfortable, fun outfit that’s easy to wear.

Little boy wearing Aeroplane leggings - Cotswold Baby Co

6.  Wear with wellies

Have you ever tried to wrestle your child’s non slim-line trousers into a pair of wellies? Where does all that extra material come from? It’s sure to leave you with a sweaty top lip! Our leggings make wellie wearing easy-peasy, so your little cub can concentrate on which puddle to jump in next!

7.  Toddler Tempting

Does anyone else face a morning melt-down from their toddler about which clothes they will / won’t wear? We’ve discovered a welcome distraction that works wonders –  ‘Wow, you can have a horse/fox/tractor/ sheep on your  bottom today! How cool is that?!’.

It honestly works (& is the main reason our little cubs live in leggings!).

8.  Matchy-matchy

Little friends, siblings, cousins … we love a match-matchy outfit and it’s so easy to do with our leggings that go from size 0-6 months to 4 years. Go on – you know how cute that photograph will look!

Quad babies wearing Blade & Rose Leggings

Matchy-Matchy Quads by Outnumbered by Five

9.  Great Gift

Our leggings make a really popular gift idea and priced at between £8.50 and £12, they won’t break the bank either!  Whether as a gift for a birthday, Easter present, Newborn gift or baby-shower, with over 30 designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair that suits the little cub you’re buying for!

10. Fabulous fun

My little cub was wearing his colourful Elephant leggings to visit his 92 year old Gran recently. ‘They’re terribly gay dear’ commented my Gran … and yes they are; gay, colourful and fabulous fun. We love leggings here at Cotswold Baby Co and hope you and your little cubs do too!

Little boy wearing elephant leggings - Cotswold baby co

We love leggings!


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