Bertie Fox – Welcome to Bertie’s World!

Bertie Fox - Welcome to Bertie's World | Cotswold Baby Co

Hello from Bertie Fox

Hello Everyone! I’m Bertie Fox, a curious little cub who loves going on adventures in the great outdoors and learning fun facts about nature from my good friend, Woody Acorn. I’m also the boss at Cotswold Baby Co, (don’t tell the humans!) and love choosing adorable gifts, clothes and toys that celebrate our much-loved theme of the British countryside, animals and farming.

Have Fun with Bertie Fox

Bertie’s World

I live in Bertie’s World, an enchanting wood which is nestled between a town and a farm. My special wood provides homes for me and all of my friends who I would love to introduce to you! My best friend is Woody, a clever little Acorn who lives in the Big Oak Tree in Woody’s Wood. He loves sharing fun facts about nature and the great outdoors and is always trying to find fun ways to help me to learn. You can read more about Woody here.

Woody Acorn, Welcome to Bertie's world | Cotswold Baby Co

Woody Acorn

Also in my magical wood live Florence Pheasant and Stanley Squirrel. Florence lives in Florence’s Roost, just across the way from Stanley’s Copse. Florence is very helpful and loves to join us on our adventures, although she is a little bit of a bossy boots and she likes to remind cheeky Stanley Squirrel to use his manners!

On Henry’s Farmyard you can find all of my farmyard friends, including Connie Cow, Jimmy Horse, Louis Lamb and Margot Duck at the duck pond. Percy the wise vintage tractor lives up on Percy’s Hill and he likes to help us to learn about farming, especially the importance of supporting British Farmers!

We all like to play and explore my magical wood and to go on adventures in the countryside. We also like to go on trips to The Big Park and sometimes we visit the City too!

You can discover more about my wonderful world here and download for FREE Bertie’s World Map to colour in, and all of my friends too!

Bertie Fox and Woody Acorn - Welcome to Bertie's World | Cotswold Baby Co


Have Fun with Bertie

I’d love you to join me on my adventures as I have fun exploring the great outdoors. I will share what I’ve been doing here, and give you links to lots of fun nature and country themed crafts and activities for you to try at home so make sure you follow me for lots of fun!

I’ve been learning all about nature this month and you can find my FREE Nature Scavenger Hunt to take out on your adventures here. What will you find on your nature hunt? I found a really big stick which I loved pretending was a magic wand! I also found some mini-beasts which Woody taught me some more interesting facts about. You can find some fun mini-beast crafts here to try at home.

Nature Scavenger Hunt - Cotswold Baby Co

Buy Well with Bertie

I help the humans to design and choose all of the lovely things for little people at Cotswold Baby Co. so you can be sure that every product has had Bertie’s ‘Paw of Approval’! All of our orders are complimentary gift-wrapped using our eco-friendly packaging, and you can choose one of my Bertie’s World Gift Boxes to make your gift extra special. Did you know for every gift box purchased, a tree is planted! That’s great for our Wood, as well as for our planet!  What will you use your gift box for? Be sure to let us know over on our social pages!

Bertie's World Gift Box | Cotswold Baby Co

Bertie’s World Gift Box

For foxy fans, I have my own Foxy Gift Set page over at Cotswold Baby Co show casing my favourite fox gifts for new babies and children up to age 5. Here is my favourite fox gift for a new little cub, featuring a Little Cub Bodysuit with my face on!


Have fun on your adventures, and remember to share them with me over on our social pages. I LOVE to see my fellow #littlecubs having a brilliant time in the great outdoors!

Bertie Fox  🐾

Leaves and paw prints - welcome to Bertie's world | Cotswold Baby Co


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