Christmas Reindeer Food Recipe

Christmas Reindeer Food Recipe

It’s tough being in Rudolph’s special gang of select reindeer. Keeping yourself in tip-top reindeer shape, ready for a magical round-the-world marathon event is no mean feat!

Help keep Father Christmas’s reindeer fuelled and full of festive cheer this Christmas Eve with this RSPCA approved recipe which is full of reindeer goodness – plus birds and other wildlife will enjoy this festive treat too!

Ingredients and Instructions

  • A handful of wild bird seed, (which may include sunflower hearts, kibbled peanuts and black sunflower seeds) – this is what helps the reindeer to fly!
  • A few rolled oats
  • Some dried fruit, like cranberries (if you have a dog please don’t use grapes, raisins, sultanas or currants as these can be poisonous for them)
  • Some dried insects – Rudolph and his bird friends love mealworms and waxworms
  • Some grated cheese
  • A sprinkling of chilli powder – it helps to keep Rudolph’s nose glowing red and will stop squirrels and rodents from stealing the food before Rudolph arrives!

Mix it all together, make a Christmas wish, then sprinkle it on your lawn or leave it in a bowl by your front door just before you go to bed!

Merry Christmas!





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