Dance in the rain …

Dance in the rain …

When my children were little, I loved them in puddle suits (Grass and Air do a great one called a stomper suit). However, when they hit potty training, I found suits impractical as they couldn’t get themselves out of them very quickly when nature called! A great compromise are waterproof separates. Cotswold Baby Co stock the brilliant Grass and Air waterproof dungarees and waterproof rain cheater. As well as being worn as a set, separates have the benefit that each piece can be worn by itself.

little boy wearing grass & air waterproof separates

Grass & Air Waterproof Separates

The rain cheater looks great with trousers or shorts and is perfect for fending off the wind and rain. One of my favourite things about the coat is the large hood, complete with reflective strips. Ace’s whole head is covered and there’s a small peak which keeps his face dry too! I also love the contrasting zip, which matches the colour of Ace’s Grass and Air colour changing wellies perfectly. The wind cheater has elasticated cuffs which are great for holding gloves on (when they’re needed) and also ensure that the sleeves stay down when Ace is climbing around. 

The dungarees (or ‘dungas’ as Ace calls them) have quick release clips at the top, but they are attached to elastic, which means Ace can push them down by himself if he needs to get them off quickly. There’s also a side zip which comes in handy if things get really muddy and you need to give them a hand getting out, without soiling their outfit underneath. The dungarees are also great for warmer days as they can just have a t-shirt on underneath when there’s no need for a coat, but there’s still a lot of mud or muck around. The dungarees can be worn over or tucked into wellies, there are elasticated stirrups to help with the latter and both ways look super cute!


Grass & Air Colour Changing Wellies

Finally, the coat and dungarees keep out the wet perfectly and wipe clean very effectively. They are really lightweight and they can be rolled up and slotted into your backpack or changing bag ready for a rain emergency.  Grass and Air products ooze quality and these pieces are no exception, thank you for introducing us Cotswold Baby Co!


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