I love Kids Clothes!

Ace wearing Farm Life Jumper by Kite Clothing, Cotswold Baby Co

I love kids clothes. Mostly, I love them on my kids, but sometimes I envy their gorgeous wardrobes, full of colour and prints and wonder why clothes for grown ups don’t follow suit more often!

Since finding Cotswold Baby Co almost a year ago, I have discovered new brands like Kite, remembered brands I’d forgotten about, like Powell Craft and positively gorged on favourite brands (I’m looking at you Blade and Rose). 

For us, clothes that can stand up to our beloved outdoor adventures are essential. My wish list for kids clothes is as follows: clothes that are warm or can easily be layered, clothes that are colourful or a little bit quirky and most importantly, clothes that wash well and dry quickly, ready to start all over again! 

I absolutely love Ace in leggings and the Cotswold Baby Co Fantastic Fox leggings are such a bargain at just £8.50. I love seeing the little foxy faces poking out over the top of Ace’s wellies or boots, and watching his little foxy bottom scoot, ride and climb his way through the day is just adorable! So we know that they look cute, but are they practical? In a word, yes! I know you’re not reading this post for a single word though, so here are a few more… The Fantastic Fox leggings are really easy to pull on, Ace can even pull them on himself when he’s in the right mood. They are also very flexible, which is great if your little one loves tackling climbing frames, stairs or clambering on the furniture!

Ace wearing Fantastic Fox Leggings by Cotswold Baby Co

I must admit that ‘do not tumble dry’ labels create some disappointment for me, but in all honesty these leggings dry overnight hanging on the clothes airer and they keep their size and shape brilliantly, so I have forgiven the label for the initial offence it may have caused and congratulated it for being kind to the environment.

Being warm outdoors is obviously really important during this cold weather. Toddlers love being outside and let’s face it, it’s best for everyone if that can happen as often as possible. Cosiness is one of the reasons why we love the new Kite Clothing Farm Life jumper. It’s lovely and thick and so, so soft. The sizing is very generous, so it’s perfect for adding layers underneath if you don’t want (or they don’t want) to put a coat on. What I love most about the jumper is the bright colours, they’re so vibrant and a lovely change from plain navy jumpers, which seem to be a High Street staple. I can pick Ace out in a busy park nice and quickly wearing this. 

Ace wearing Farm Life organic cotton jumper by Kite clothing, cotswold baby co

At £29, it’s pricier than buying knitwear from the High Street, but in my opinion, the quality is far superior and I know that it will still be going strong to pass on or sell once Ace has outgrown it. Supporting brands like Kite, who choose to use 100% organic cotton and create accountable supply chains is so important; it’s one small way we can work towards a more sustainable future for our children. 

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Guest Blog by @stephloveshoney, Mamma to two little cubs in the Cotswolds. Check out Steph’s blog, http://stephloveshoney.blogspot.com for more fun and useful information on parenting  adventures in the Cotswolds.


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