#littlecubkindness – Gift a Food Bank Parcel this Christmas

#littlecubkindness – Gift a Food Bank Parcel this Christmas

‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’

Who else finds themselves saying ‘be kind to your brother’, or ‘where are your kind hands?’ on a daily basis? Our hands are up, that’s for sure! We talk A LOT as parents about being kind, but how do we show our little people in a meaningful way that they understand?

With Christmas just around the corner, (34 sleeps!) we thought we’d take the opportunity to help our little cubs understand another side of Christmas, that doesn’t revolve around presents, chocolate and glitter. In the following 5 weeks, we’ll be exploring different ways to be kind with our little people and we’d love it if you joined in our journey too. We’ll be posting a new #littlecubkindness post each week so feel free to join in and ‘sprinkle kindness around like confetti’!

Week 1 – Gift a food bank parcel this Christmas

Did you know, the UK’s biggest food bank network, the Trussell Trust gave 1.6 million packs of food supplies in the past year? The people that use them do not fit any stereotype of what ‘traditional’ poverty looks like, but are people who simply do not have enough to live on.

How can we help?

Sadly for an increasing number of people, a magical Christmas is far from reality, as more and more families are forced to use food banks across the country. The Trussel Trust  support a nationwide network of food banks and provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, which includes 4.5 million children.

The Trussel Trust has partnered with Tesco to help people facing hunger this winter and from 21st November, Tesco staff and volunteers will be handing out lists of the items their local food bank is most in need of and setting up food collection points in stores.

To donate is really simple – pick up a shopping list and donate an item or two to help people in your community! All food donated is used locally and is a huge boost to food banks’ stocks.

We will be braving the weekly shop with our little cubs and adding some extra items to our food bank. Who’s joining us?

To find your nearest participating store, click here.





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