Our Story

picture of Kate and Rachael, founders of Cotswold Baby Co


We’re Kate and Rachael, co-founders of Cotswold Baby Co., loving mums, and best friends. We created Cotswold Baby Co. to provide you, our fellow grownups, with an easy and enjoyable way to choose special, fun clothes and gifts for the little cubs in your life. Our mission, and one we share with all our customers, is to bring fun, happiness and comfort to babies and children through wearable and washable clothing, and carefully selected gifts.

At the same time, choosing gifts for babies and children is one of life’s sweetest pleasures, and we value the smiles on your faces just as much as the little ones you’re buying for. We’re on your side and get what makes shopping for babies and children so enjoyable. It’s been amazing to see a real community of loyal customers growing bigger and stronger each year – and we are incredibly grateful for your support and engagement.

At Cotswold Baby Co. our collection celebrates the much-loved theme of the British countryside, animals and farming, with recognisable characters popping up across the range. Inspired by our adorable mascot, Bertie the Fox Cub, your own little cubs will love the imaginary world of Bertie’s Den. This enchanting wood, nestled between a town and a farm, provides habitats to Bertie, his little acorn side-kick, Woody, and all their friends. Designed to spark your little cub’s imagination and encourage outdoor adventures, Bertie and friends appear on many of our products as well as our nature-themed activity sheets – free to download from Bertie’s Den!


Our Story

We’ve been friends since 2003 and have shared adventures from university and travelling, to weddings, pregnancy yoga and buggy fit. Our own little cubs Henry and Florence arrived only months apart so, luckily for us, we experienced the magic, mystery, thrills and spills of first-time motherhood together as well.

Nurturing a newfound love of adorable baby gear, and with the beautiful Cotswolds as the setting for our ‘nap laps’, inspiration for Cotswold Baby Co. was all around us. We wanted to bring together these two special parts of our lives – and working together would be the cherry on top!

As each year has gone by, both the business and our lives have changed and grown (not least with the arrival of new little cubs, Percy and Louis), and we feel amazingly lucky to have experienced it all together. We hope that the fun we’ve had building Cotswold Baby Co. and the strength of our friendship shines through everything we do.


Our Ethos

We’ve never grown out of our own childhood love of nature, and now we like nothing more than seeing little cubs adventuring outdoors, exploring the world on walks in the countryside, playing in parks and having fun in the garden.

It’s the little moments and the simple things that really fill children with joy. This is why all our clothes, gifts, toys and books celebrate the great outdoors, and all our clothes are made to stand up to tree-climbing, muddy puddles and whatever else they meet on their adventures.

We strongly believe that the plants and creatures that give us so much joy should receive our care and protection in return. We therefore use recycled and recyclable packaging and source as many of our items as possible from sustainable sources. We are always looking for new ways to limit harm and show love to the planet, keeping it safe and beautiful for future little cubs to enjoy.