Pesto and Cheese Pinwheels

Pesto and Cheese Pinwheels

Our little cubs love eating bread, (toasted, garlic, slightly stale – they’re not fussy!) and with the picnic season well and truly upon us, it’s nice to have an option that doesn’t include the faithful sandwich! These delicious pinwheels are a real hit with toddlers and adults alike and are so easy to pack into a picnic. The only trouble is they don’t stay around for long as little fingers will love eating them!

Here we made our pinwheels with simple pesto and grated cheese, however take a look at the list below for some other pin-spiration :).

Time: 10 minutes prep, 20 minutes in oven | Makes: 12


heart - cotswold baby co 1 sheet of puff pastry

heart - cotswold baby co 2 handfuls of grated cheese

heart - cotswold baby co jar of pesto

heart - cotswold baby co egg yolk & brush


  1. Roll out your pastry and assemble ingredientspuff pastry, cheese and pesto - cotswold baby co
  2. Leaving a 1 inch gap around the edge, spread pesto evenly across pastry and sprinkle grated cheese on toppesto and cheese pinwheel recipe - cotswold baby co
  3.  Egg-wash around the outside to help the pastry stick, then carefully roll the pastry up like a Swiss roll. Slice into 1 inch thick pinwheels and place on a non-stick baking tray. Cook in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes, or until golden brown

pesto and cheese pinwheel recipe - cotswold baby co

4. Leave to cool, then watch little fingers devour them! These are freezable too – what’s not to like?!

pesto and cheese pinwheels - cotswold baby co

Here are some other of our favourite fillings – we’d love to hear what your little cubs enjoy!

heart - cotswold baby coCheese and ham

heart - cotswold baby co Tuna and pesto

heart - cotswold baby co Spinach and feta

heart - cotswold baby co Leftover bolognese for an Italian inspired lunch

heart - cotswold baby co Grated apple and cinnamon

heart - cotswold baby co Blueberry and raspberry puree


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