Splish Splash Splosh!

Splish Splash Splosh!

Hello Cotswold Baby Co goers! I am Sophie; lifelong friend of co-founder Rachael, God Mother to her beautiful little cub, all round Mary Poppins babysitting legend, mother of 2 beautiful princesses and also a swimming teacher!
I stumbled across swimming classes quite by accident when desperately trying to find an activity to do with my very own little cub. We had done the rounds of the stay and plays, and I found myself not wanting to make small talk some days when I was just so tired, but instead I wanted to be kept awake and alert doing something with my beautiful baby.

Initially when googling, and swimming came up I thought “hmmmm bit of an effort getting my hair wet, and me and my baby dry afterwards, but let’s give it a go!”
That was 6 years ago and here I am today not only still an avid swimming lesson customer but also a fully fledged swimming teacher and aquacise shimmier extraordinaire!! (Well a Mama has got to do something to try cancel out all cake!)

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I thought what I was heading in to all those years ago was a little group to do for a couple months; but what I found was a career changing, baby bonding, parent socialising, friend-making experience.  Swimming with your baby has so many amazing benefits for both of you. We sang together, played together, learnt a life saving skill together and we had lots and lots of fun!!! My little babies started swimming at just 5 weeks old and now aged 4 and 6 years, they very much enjoy their time at Puddle Ducks Swimming; where I have now been teaching for over 2 years.

Puddle Ducks offers swimming classes nationwide, right from the word “bump” with aqua-natal, baby and pre-school classes right through to swim academy for when your children are at school. So whether you are fighting that morning sickness, you’re a new mum desperately wanting to get out the house (!) or your 5yr old needs a club to join after school, we offer a class for you.  For more information on why swimming is great for you and your baby, check out https://www.puddleducks.com.

Mention my name, Sophie Base, and this blog as a refer a friend to receive £10 off your first booking!! Check out my top tips for your little cub’s first swimming lessons below.

Once your swimming classes are sorted head on over to Cotswold Baby Co. for a super cosy snuggle fleece to get changed into once out of that water. Or check out our new holiday shop for your summer swim suits with UPF50+ to keep your little cubs safe in the sun this summer. We love this cheeky puffin sunsuit, with matching striped hat, the gorgeous turtle sunsuit and matching hat, and know that our foxy fans will adore the Blade & Rose swimsuit and swim set, both a perfect match with the hat and sunglasses!

And to celebrate the start of July, take 15% off all swimwear with the code SPLASH15!

(Ends 15th July)

Have a splash-tastic time!

Sophie xx


Sophie’s Swimming Top Tips:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time before the lesson starts, as typically your little cub will have a poo right at the last moment, and will want a sneaky feed
  2. Always use an over-nappy to avoid spillages
  3. Enjoy every minute bonding with your beautiful baby in the water

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