The Summer is Here!

The Summer is Here!

If you haven’t looked outside your window recently, you may not have noticed that we have all been transported to the Mediterranean without noticing! That or actually the UK is experiencing some of the hottest weather on record – and certainly the hottest weather I can remember in my lifetime!

With the schools almost breaking up, I’ve been on the lookout for things to do with the kids that keep us outside – as let’s face it, kids always seem to behave just a little better when they’re out and about – but that also don’t cost the earth to do. With the added benefit that I’m still on maternity leave (just about) I’ve tried to get a headstart on what our local area has to offer in terms of the best days out and each week I’ll be bringing you some of the best countryside adventures we have on offer.

This week we discovered the absolutely beautiful Real Flower Petal Confetti Fields just over the Gloucestershire border in Wick, Worcestershire. For a small window each year, the beautiful Real Flower Petal Confetti Fields open their doors to the public and this year we managed to take a visit on their last day of opening. Boy, was it worth it!


Based just outside of Evesham, the farm is home to acres and acres of farmland and of course flower fields – this year 14 acres of delphiniums and cornflowers to be precise. As many venues and churches have banned the use of normal confetti, the idea behind the Real Flower Petal Confetti is just as its name would suggest – by using real flowers, the confetti is biodegradable and therefore much more environmentally friendly! Amazingly the confetti is all picked by hand and shipped out across the world! Impressive to say the least!

picture of Mum and toddler in confetti fields - Cotswold Baby CoI had seen lots of pictures and heard lots of reviews of the fields which is primarily why I wanted to visit but to be honest, I couldn’t have imagined just how many flowers there would be! A truly ‘Instaworthy’ place, it was also just nice to see so many different generations enjoying the flowers. There were lots of people taking lots of photos, but there were also families playing outside, grandparents strolling through the fields, and plenty of students enjoying the first days of their summer break.

We only visited for a couple of hours, but it was long enough to snap some pictures of the toddler in her element, and of course grab an ice cream at the Confetti Fields!

Whilst the Confetti Fields are now closed until next year, I couldn’t help but notice just how nice Evesham and the surrounding areas looked as I drove home. I am definitely planning on a trip back to explore a bit further! 

Danni Blackburn
Danni Blackburn

Currently on maternity leave with her second child, Danni Blackburn is embarking on her ‘Year of Me’ – trying to spend quality time with her family and friends as well as finding that all important time for herself. After all you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

A secondary languages teacher, Danni has a particular interest in foreign languages and is always keen to chat about how people get their little ones to join in the fun of learning a language.

Having relocated back to Gloucestershire with her family last year, Danni is always looking for local things to try out. If you want to see what she gets up to, check out her blog at htttp:// or follow her on Instagram @danstar212.

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