Valentine’s Day Easy-Peasy Crafts

Valentine's Day Easy-Peasy Crafts

Do you remember when Valentine’s Day was that anxious time in wondering whether anyone would send you a card? Or those awkward school discos where boys in their smart shirts stood swaying awkwardly on one side of the school hall and girls in their Tammy Girl best firmly on the other?

Thankfully on the card front I always had my Dad to fall back on, who until pretty recently sent his anonymous card through the post, even when I was married to Mr Cotswold Baby Co. Just in case, I guess. Dad’s are legends aren’t they?

Well this year, aside from the ‘dine in for two’ treat which has become a Valentine’s staple in our house since the arrival of little cub Henry, we will also be having some crafty fun and returning some of those Valentine’s cards to those we hold dear. Now I’m not sure about your crafting experience with toddlers, but ours seems to be a bit more miss than hit. Most likely ending in Mama covered in glue and being thankful that our Cotswold Baby Co clothes are fully machine washable! We’ve tried and tested the following crafts that are easy, simple and best of all fun!

Happy Valentine’s to all you lovely lot and if you have a go at getting crafty then we’d love to see your finished results!

red hearts - cotswold baby co

  1. Valentine’s Day Heart Fingerprint Tree
    This very cute Fingerprint Tree is great for getting little fingers messy and makes a lovely keepsake! From the very talented Andreja Vucajnk at, take a look at her other ideas for easy crafting with toddlers!

Valentine's Day Heart Fingerprint Tree - Cotswold Baby Co

You will need:

  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • finger paints in reds and pinks
  • black / brown marker pen
  • scissors

i) Draw a heart template on one sheet of paper and cut out. Andrea recommends folding the paper in half for ease and symmetry.

ii) Place the template on the other sheet of paper and tape to keep secure.

iii) Now time to get messy! Get little fingers to stamp all over the tree to make plenty of little leaves.

iv) Remove the template and using the marker pen, draw the tree trunk and branches.

It’s as easy as that!

red hearts - cotswold baby co

2) Heart Shake Painting

This cute craft idea from Alison McDonald over at is lots of fun and our little cubs really enjoyed shaking the paint – just make sure you have the lid firmly in place!

You will need:

  • a plastic food container with lid
  • some cut out hearts, different sizes are fine
  • a piece of card
  • glue and paint colours of your choice

materials needed for shaking hearts card - cotswold baby co

i) Cut out some hearts from card and paper and place them in the food container, along with the paint, (it’s easier to put the paint in first!).

ii) Put the lid on and have lots of fun shaking!

iii) Add glue to the card and when the hearts are dry, add to the card.

Shake Painting heart card for Valentine's Day - Cotswold Baby Co

For more Valentine’s Day craft and recipe ideas, head over to our Pinterest Page.

Happy Valentine’s!


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